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Southern Cross Health Insurance Easy Claim Partner

ACC Treatment

No referral needed! We can lodge your claim in clinic at your first appointment. $25 for the first appointment and then $20 per appointment for adults, $20/$15 for school age children and community services card holders. No hidden fees for tape or needles. After hours appointments available for $30 for an initial and $25 for follow ups. After hours appointments are those at 5pm or later weekdays or anytime on weekends or public holidays.

Private Physiotherapy

For when there is no ACC claim and no accidental incident has occurred.
$90 per half hour appointment.

Sports Physiotherapy

As specialists in Sports Physiotherapy, we have the experience needed to get you back on the field as fast and as safe as possible. With Saturday Morning Clinics available for pre-game taping.

Urgent Acute Physiotherapy

Same day 15 minute appointment to provide first line treatment for any acute injury. Avoid the long waits at ED by having your injury assessed, braced or splinted as required. Crutches and a same day x-ray are also available. A $30 appointment fee applies, however if your injury requires referral on to ED your appointment is free.
Book by calling the clinic on 028 457 9543

Dance Physiotherapy

Individualized conditioning programmes, dance specific injury treatment and performance optimization. Pre-audition assessments for pre-professional training institutions. ACC and private charges apply.

Dizzyness and Vertigo

If you suffer from persistent dizzyness or vertigo we may be able to help. Just one treatment is enough to know whether physiotherapy will be beneficial.

Anita Zwart- BPHTY, PGCert Sports Physiotherapy.

Graduating from Otago University in 2014, Anita has experience working in both hospital settings and private practice. During her career she has worked with semi professional rugby teams, Pre professional football players, and amateur sports players of all types. Anita also has a special interest in dancers and aerialists. In 2019 Anita obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy, and in 2022 completed a Postgraduate Diploma also in Sports Physiotherapy from University of Otago. Anita is passionate not only about returning players to sport quickly and safely, but also about helping them perform at their best.

Clinic Accessibility

Parking is available on a flat concrete surface approximately 3-5m away from the clinic entrance.Our clinic is located in a converted garage. As such there is a small 15cm high ramp leading to the front door of the clinic, and one 4cm ramp to the doorway.Once inside, the clinic room has plenty of space, and we have a hydraulic bed that be adjusted to nearly any height.There is a friendly dog on the site, however she is contained away from the clinic entrance.We are a child friendly clinic, with toys available for toddlers to play with. You are welcome to bring your children with you to your appointment.

Products for Sale

We provide a range of products for sale to both clients and general public by appointment only. Please message us to confirm stock availability and arrange collection.

General Products

Rigid Strapping Tape- $12 per roll
K Tape- $12 per roll
Hypoallergenic underwrap- $12 per roll
Wheatbag- $16ea
Theraband/Theratube- $5 per metre
Formthotics- $60 pair
Wobble Board- $55
Air Cushion- $30
Foam Roller 90cm- $45
Foam Roller 45cm- $25

Archies Footwear

Orthotic Jandals- $30 pair

Other products available on request. Email for a quote.

Standard Treatment Services

Initial ACC Treatment (45 mins)

$25 for Adults
$20 for School Age Children
We are able to lodge your ACC claim in clinic during your first appointment, or bring your ACC number with you from another provider.
In order to make a claim on ACC you must be able to determine the date and time of your injury, and it must relate back to a specific incident. For more information about making an ACC claim and your entitlements, click here.Please note, ACC claims must meet the ACC criteria. If a claim cannot be made, Private appointment fees will apply. For more information please see the ACC Website

Follow-Up ACC Treatment (30 mins)

$20 for Adults
$15 for School Age Children
A second or subsequent appointment for any ACC claim that has already been treated in our clinic.
Valid only for 12 months from the date of injury.

Private Physiotherapy Treatment (30 mins)

$90 per appointment.
For gradual process injuries, or aches and pains with no real cause.
Includes spontaneous back aches, foot pain, repetitive strain injuries' etc.
During a private consult we can address any issues or questions you may have about any injury.

Taping Appointment (15 mins)

$10 with ACC claim
$30 Private
Best for pre-game or before a special event. For ACC fees to apply, you must have had a standard appointment in the clinic for this injury prior to the date of taping and your claim must not have expired.

Dance Physiotherapy Services

Pre-pointe Assesment (30 min)

Professional assessment followed by a personalised exercise and conditioning programme aimed at improving your strengths and addressing your weaknesses, placing you in the best position possible to optimise your dance performance.
$90 - 30 minute appointment

Pre-professional Dance Assessment (1 hr)

Pre-admission Physiotherapy Assessment for those applying to New Zealand School of Dance or a similar professional dance institution. This is often a medical requirement to be included with your application. Please bring any relevant forms provided by your institution to your appointment.
$150- 60 minute appointment

Dizzyness and Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo can be a debilitating condition, but in many cases physiotherapy can help. We can asses whether physio is likely to help you and if indicated perform the Epley's Maneuver which has a high success rate.
If your doctor has mentioned that your vertigo is caused by the crystals in your inner ear, or the vertigo started without any real known cause then this service is for you.
Please be aware you may temporarily feel worse after treatment. This is normal, and a sign that the treatment is working, but you may wish to bring someone with you to drive you home.
$90 private appointment fee applies.




Mobile Physiotherapy Services


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is a treatment provided by highly qualified health professionals. Treatment may be provided for a range of physical and mechanical injuries and ailments such as sprains, strains, fractures, biomechanical dysfunction, some respiratory conditions, vertigo and mobility issues.
Physiotherapists do not prescribe medications or provide treatment for medical conditions such as infections or organ related conditions. However Physiotherapists are trained to recognise these conditions and refer onwards, and are often involved in the recovery process for these kinds of conditions or to help with mobility post-surgery. If on assessment your condition is considered to be medical in nature, you will not be charged for your appointment. Physiotherapy covers a range of treatment methods including massage, Manipulation (Clicking), Acupuncture/Dry Needling, Cupping, Exercise Prescription Therapy, Strengthening Programmes, Manual Therapy, Breathing and postural re-education and administering of mobility aids such as crutches, braces or splits.

What is the difference between a Physio, a Chiropractor and an Osteopath?
There is a lot of overlap between the 3 professions. A client with a back injury may find relief at any of these professionals. What divides the 3 professions is their treatment philosophy. Physiotherapists take a very wholistic, biomechanical approach. This means we look at the way your body is functioning, and look for things such as muscle imbalances, ways to reduce mechanical stress, and build up tolerance. In addition Physiotherapists also have medical training which enables us to work alongside medical practitioners to assist in more complex medical cases, such as cyctic fibrosis, whiplash and concussions, or after joint replacements which is why you will see physiotherapists working in hospitals.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?
Yes! You are welcome to bring a support person with you to your appointment. Or you can come alone. Whatever you are most comfortable with.
You are also welcome to bring any children with you. We are child friendly and there is a small box of toys children are welcome to play with during the appointment.

What if I can no longer make my appointment?
You can cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time. There is no charge for this. Just give us a call or txt on 028 457 9543. Or send us a quick message via the chat function on the bottom right of the screen. If you do not attend your appointment there may be a no show charge added to your account. This fee is payable prior to the next appointment being booked.

How much does treatment cost?
Appointment fees depend on whether your injury is funded by ACC or not. ACC funded appointments are $20 for the first appointment, and $15 for follow ups. Private treatments are $70 for 30 mins, or $120 for an hour.

How do I know if my treatment is covered by ACC?
In order to lodge an ACC claim you must know the date and time of your injury, and be able to describe how the injury happened. (eg; "slipped down wet step hurting hip", or "sprained ankle playing netball").
If you already have an ACC claim lodged, it must have been accepted by ACC, and must be within 1 year of the date of injury, or otherwise have had the time period extended by ACC due to other complicating factors (eg surgery, or ongoing specialist investigation).

Urgent Acute Physiotherapy

Avoid the long waits at ED!
We will triage and asses your injury as soon as possible post injury. We will check for fractures, refer you on for an x-ray or to be seen urgently by a specialist and provide crutches if needed. We can provide braces and splints to support you in your first few days post injury.
We will also lodge the claim with ACC, enabling access to their supports and referral network.
A $30 appointment fee applies, however if your injury requires further referral on to ED your appointment is free.
This service is unavailable for online booking, and subject to availability. Please call or txt us on 028 457 9543. If there is no response within 60 mins then please refer to your GP or ED.Is this service right for me?
If you have sustained an injury, and think you may have broken a bone, snapped a tendon or ligament or torn a muscle then we can help.
We are unable to help in the cases of uncontrolled bleeding, or if you are able to see bone. Head injuries should always be assessed by a medical practitioner, however once cleared by a doctor physiotherapy is often very helpful for the neck pain that often accompanies head injuries. We are also unable to help if you are having a medical event which has not been caused by an accidental injury. In this case we recommend you go straight to ED.